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How I Became a Ron Paul Supporter

February 16, 2013 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

It occurred to me that I’ve never actually put this story to writing, so now’s as good a time as ever. At the very least some people will appreciate it before the Paul fervor becomes a thing of the past like the Goldwater Fever of ’64. Nonetheless, like Barry Goldwater, Ron Paulis an incredible statesman whose ideas are timeless.Despite my conspicuous militancy for him throughout the 2011-12 election cycle, I wasn’t a Ron Paul supporter in 2007. Many of my friends and veterans in the liberty movement brag about being Paulbots BEFORE it was cool, and they often like to jive me for voting for John McCain in the ’08 primary as well as the general elections. Screw them; I’m too much awash in liberty for my swag to be stained by Haterade spillage. (Clean up on aisle hate.)
I’d originally heard Ron Paul’s name in 2007 during his first presidential run. This was the era before Facebook really began to take off and MySpace was still king of the social networks and most politically themed group pages had at least one militant Paulestinian posting Ron Paul spam. This was before Tom and his cyberspawn became incredibly annoying with a corporate look and endless advertisements flooding everyone’s home page (hint hint, Mark Zuckerberg).
The Paulbot MySpace friend I had was a soldier and Iraq War vet named Alex—I vividly remember correspondence with him—and anyone who couldn’t tell from his page that he was a Ron Paul supporter was obviously illiterate. I was mildly impressed that Dr. Paul’s campaign had raised nearly six million dollars in a single day, and mildly impressed that many soldiers and recent war veterans were doing video endorsements of him on YouTube (back when YouTube had barely been bought out and wasn’t a giant billboard paced for people tripping on speed). However, I paid little attention to him because I was completely enamored with the candidacy of John McCain.
Plain and simple, I supported McCain because his contemporarily fashionable neoconservative rhetoric appealed to my young Republican warped idea of what conservatism was. Better yet, McCain was a war hero—a veteran who truly …read more

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