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Puppy Bowl Scores a Win For Animal Planet

February 7, 2013 in SCIENCE

By kdelmonico

As a casual football fan (at best), and a New York Giants one at that, I have to say I was already predisposed to choosing the Puppy Bowl over the Super Bowl on Sunday. After all, adorable puppies prancing about rank over almost anything in my book. When I finally did decide to check in on the “action” of the football game, there was nothing going on but a blackout at the Superdome! I happily switched back to the adorable-ness of Geico Stadium and vowed never to forsake Puppy Bowl again.

As it turns out, I was not alone. Not only was Sunday’s Puppy Bowl IX Animal Planet’s most watched iteration of the annual furry tradition, reaching a record number of 12.4 million gross viewers, fans also tuned in in droves during the power outage at the Superdome. Fans were voting with their devices, too, with a 40% increase in Tweets and web traffic generating 1.6 million video streams. Can’t argue with cute!

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