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White House Adopts Directive from Sen. Paul’s Alternative Sequester Plan

February 28, 2013 in Politics & Elections

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, following a plan introduced by Sen. Rand Paul, the White House announced their intention to meet sequestration spending targets by directing all federal agencies to freeze new hires and curtail travel. Last week, Sen. Paul unveiled his sequester alternative plan, ‘A Sequester Without Layoffs,’ which would offset the sequester’s anticipated spending cuts by reducing the travel budget and preventing new hire in federal agencies. Sen. Rand Paul issued the following statement:

‘Our nation has a serious spending problem that must be re-evaluated. Last week I unveiled a plan that would reduce the anticipated layoffs by cutting spending, such as government travel budgets and the rehiring of federal employees. I am encouraged to hear that the White House is adopting these two measures in their assessment of the sequester cuts, but these cuts barely begin to scratch the surface of the problem,’ Sen. Paul said. ‘If we are serious about addressing our debt crisis, sequestration is only the beginning. We need much larger cuts and we need them sooner rather than later.’

Click HERE to read Sen. Paul’s ‘Sequester Without Layoffs’ in its entirety.

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