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Church Pre-School Teacher Hogtied 2-Year-Old, Took Pictures and Bragged About it to Girl's Mother

March 25, 2013 in Blogs

By Elizabeth Warmerdam , Courthouse News

MARTINEZ, Calif. (CN) – A church preschool teacher hogtied a 2-year-old girl who didn't sleep during naptime, then “tormented” her mother “with a picture of her hogtied daughter and boasted that she had been the one who did it,” the little girl's parents claim in court.

In the complaint, the parents claim that the preschool principal hired the unlicensed teacher because of his “sexual attraction” to her.

John and Mary Roe sued Angela Calcagno and Centerpointe Church and Preschool, in Contra Costa County Court, on behalf of their daughter.

“This complaint stems from Calcagno's untenable practice of 'hogtying' (i.e., binding the hands and feet with tightly applied masking tape) children who could not sleep during naptime,” the complaint states. “Further, Centerpointe Church and Preschool's principal administrator allowed this serious regulatory violation to occur because, due to his sexual attraction for Calcagno, he wanted her working there even though she was unlicensed.”

The parents say they paid to enroll their 2-year-old daughter in Centerpointe Church and Preschool, in Pleasant Hill. The preschool operates on church property and has more than 100 children in its program, according to the complaint.

The complaint does not identify the “principal administrator” of the school, but it claims that “Calcagno is presently pursuing sexual harassment proceedings against the principal administrator.”

The parents claim that the principal administrator “represented to John and Mary Roe that the preschool followed all regulatory and other legal requirements applicable to preschools, including the requirement that only licensed child care professionals would care for their 2-year-old daughter, and the requirement that no child would ever be treated with violence or in a manner that was otherwise illegal.”

But that's not what happened, the parents say in the complaint: “Between September 2012 and March 2013, on an unknown number of occasions, Calcagno was unlawfully allowed to care for a preschool group that included Jane Roe. During this time, on an unknown number of occasions, Calcagno engaged in the sickening and draconian practice of hogtying Jane Roe for her mere inability to get to sleep during nap time. Specifically, Calcagno, using masking tape that was available as a classroom supply, tightly bound 2-year-old Jane …read more

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