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Sen. Paul Introduces REINS Act to Budget Resolution

March 23, 2013 in Politics & Elections

On Thursday, March 21, Sen. Rand Paul introduced Amendment 376, to S.Con.Res.8, the Budget Resolution, known as the REINS Act, or Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny Act of 2013. The REINS Act, which passed in the House of Representatives in the previous Congress and was introduced by Sen. Paul in the Senate as well, would require Congress to approve every new major rule proposed by the Executive Branch before it can be enforced on the American People. Click HERE to read the bill, which currently has 21 co-sponsors, in its entirety.

‘If Congress is to impose regulations and laws on U.S. citizens, it is important that those citizens are made aware of how they come to be. The REINS Act effectively constrains the President’s authority by limiting the size and scope of rule-making permissions,’ Sen. Paul said.

‘Once major rules are drafted, they must be approved by both chambers of Congress and only then can the rules go into effect. The REINS Act will successfully accomplish cutting the red tape and opening the regulatory process to scrutiny. I believe keeping the President and government accountable is not only important, but vital to maintaining America’s freedom for generation to come.’ he continued.

A companion version of the REINS Act was introduced in the House in January by Rep. Todd Young (R-Ind.).


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