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Books and Politics: The Zach Foster Interview

August 8, 2013 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

Before being interviewed on David Welch’s Blog Talk Radio show “Books and Politics,” Mr. Welch sat me down for a written interview (reprinted here with permission).

You can download the mp3 of the full interview It took nearly six months but I’ve finally booked a first ‘political commentator’ on my blog radio show. On the August 5th Books and Politics show I will interview Zach Foster who writes the popular and informative “Zach Foster Rants” blog and who is a highly respected political operative and commentator. The live interview is nearly a month away and I just couldn’t wait to find out what Zach has to say on some important issues so I persuaded him to do a ‘written interview’ in advance of his more comprehensive live interview on August 5th.

After reviewing his answers to my questions I’m glad I did and I’m quite sure everyone who reads the following will be thrilled to have a bit of advance notice of what to expect on the Books and Politics Show the first week of August. I hope you will all listen in the evening of August 5th at 7 p.m. California time for what will be a really great interview. And I hope you will be ready to call in with questions for a bright and uniquely experienced young man. The address for the Books and Politics Show is http://www.blogtalkradio.com/angelsandwarriors/2013/08/06/books-and-politics. Don’t miss it! Meanwhile please enjoy the following interview:
1. Zach, you are the first ‘political commentator’ I’ve had an opportunity to interview so could you tell the listeners a little about yourself, your background, and what you’ve done to qualify as a political commentator?
My political experience started when I was very young. I was a “guerrilla activist” supporting my local Congressman, David Dreier, and through volunteering for him later I got my first taste of campaigning. I’ve worked on numerous campaigns—from city council-level to the federal level—and am involved with several political organizations. My greatest privilege was working in the Ron Paul 2012 campaign. I’ve also majored in Political Science at Cal Poly Pomona and Social Sciences at Citrus College. Between my education and field …read more


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