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Libertarians and Culture… A Bit Lacking?

September 30, 2013 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

Leftism dominates Hollywood while libertarians beg for scraps
Many of my readers have wondered why the Rants have been so quiet lately. They’re used to getting 2-3 rants a week from me, not to mention the shameless spamming all over Facebook and Twitter.

Luckily, I have two rants ready to be published this week, so my readers need not fear. Still, that doesn’t exactly explain why the recent lack of content on my blog.
The truth is that over the past few months I’ve been writing my butt off… just not so many rants. I’ve been writing not just articles, but books! I already announced on a radio interview that I’ll soon be releasing a compilation book (hey, I can’t let Jeffrey Tucker or Ann Coulter have all the fun).
This book is over 300 pages long and includes my best rants, as well as other editorials I’ve written for other venues. The title is Don’t Piss Me Off!: Libertarian Republican Rants and Raves.
The best part about it is that I’m releasing the e-book free of charge. That’s right, it’ll cost readers zero dollars and zero cents to download it! Consider it a special thank you to all my brothers and sisters in liberty who have encouraged me along the way.
But that’s not the main reason for my absence! You see, I’ve noticed something that I feel can no longer be ignored by the growing libertarian community.
When it comes to economics and politics, we’re so far above and beyond the leftists—Marx, Keynes and Krugman are buried by the Austrian economists and libertarian philosophers. Try as they might, no leftist (or neocon) statist has ever been able to refute us.
However, when it comes to culture, the left kicks our ass six ways to Sunday! Leftist ideas dominate the movie industry, the music industry, and literature. This is why Michael Moore gets standing ovations at the Academy Awards and George Clooney hosts $40,000-per-plate fundraisers in Hollywood for President …read more


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