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Misesians on 9/11, Then and Now

September 11, 2013 in Economics

By Ryan McMaken

I attended the Mises Institute’s Supporters Summit in September or October of 2001. It was a relatively somber affair. Occurring shortly after 9/11, which was itself unsettling in its pointless bloodshed, we also knew that so much more bloodshed was to come, and that all the planned attacks on human liberty and decency, such as the USA-PATRIOT ACT, were all in the works.

Libertarians were virtually alone in opposing the planned expansions of government power in the wake of 9/11, and then as now, we saw the attacks for what they were: criminal attacks on human persons and property which nonetheless have not been set right or rendered impossible by more than a decade of nearly untrammeled government theft, war, regulation, and spying.

An updated ’9/11 Reader:’

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