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Polish Gold to be Repatriated?

September 3, 2013 in Economics

By Mises Updates

According to several Polish news sites, some groups in Poland, including the Mises Institute of Poland, are pressuring the Polish central bank to repatriate Polish gold. According to this story (loosely translated):

Poland currently owns around 109 tons of gold deposited abroad. Most of the reserves are stored in the UK.  In the face of financial crisis, every major country should keep gold within easy reach. Therefore, the Polish gold should return to their homeland – say the initiators of the “Give Us Our ​​Gold”.

The vast majority of Polish gold reserves are currently at the Bank of England, and went there before the Second World War…

In order to put pressure on the Polish National Bank, advocates have launched an action entitled. “Give Us Our gold” Among the partners are the Mises Institute of Poland…

Organizers cite the example of Germany, which has decided to bring its provisions into the country. The operation of moving the gold is already in progress. Similar plans are in the works Switzerland, which decided to hold a referendum on this issue.

Note: Other Mises Institutes worldwide are not affiliated with the Mises Institute in Auburn.

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