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Watch: Christian Prophet Claims She Healed Massive Satan-Induced Tumor

September 17, 2013 in Blogs

By Kyle Mantyla, Right Wing Watch

The “grapefruit size tumor” had allegedly been caused because “Satan had wounded me as a woman.”

“Respected Prophet” Cindy Jacobs recently posted a new video in her on-going “Ten Minute Prayer School” series in which she recounted how she once not only regrew an entire cheek bone of a woman injured in a car accident but also healed herself of a massive tumor cause by Satan.

In the first instance, Jacobs was preaching when she called out to someone in the audience whose face had been deformed in an accident; when Jacobs had her rub her hand over the injury, her entire cheek bone was miraculously regrown. 

Later, Jacobs recounted how she had once had “a grapefruit size tumor” that had been caused because “Satan had wounded me as a woman.”  The spiritual pain eventually grew into a tumor, but once she was able to forgive those who were responsible “I got totally healed”:


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