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More William Graham Sumner on War and Imperialism

October 12, 2013 in Economics

By Thomas DiLorenzo

Thanks to Ryan for mentioning my recent article on William Graham Sumner, as well as Ralph Raico’s article about Sumner’s famous 1899 essay, “The Conquest of the United States by Spain.”

David Hart of the Liberty Fund wrote to let me know that he has archived many of Sumner’s writings in the Fund’s online library of liberty.  A good project for a Mises Institute summer fellow would be a paper on the writings of William Graham Sumner on war and imperialism.  His writings on political economy were also quite good.  He wrote what I think is still the best book ever written about Alexander Hamilton, for example, in which he said Hamilton’s economic writings were “befogged” in the mysticism of mercantilism.

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