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A Mises Institute Guide to Nobel Winners Fama and Shiller

October 15, 2013 in Economics

By Mises Updates


Not surprisingly, the work of this week’s new Nobel prize winners have been the subject of several critiques here at the Mises Institute:

Today’s Mises Daily article on Robert Shiller’s pro-government enthusiasm is a simplified version of Howden’s book review from The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.

Howden’s new summary and critique of the work of Fama and Shiller is now here in Circle Bastiat.

Mark Thornton’s new Mises View video from yesterday briefly discusses the economics of the new laureates.

In 2010, Robert Murphy examined Eugene Fama in detail here.

In 2009, Howden wrote a full-length academic article on Fama’s Efficient Market Hypothesis here. 

Also in 2009, Philipp Bagus and David Howden reviewed Shiller’s book The Subprime Solution. 

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