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BREAKING: Shooting at U.S. Capitol

October 3, 2013 in Blogs

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Woman said to have tried to ram White House gate, car chase and shooting ensued—woman shot; officer wounded.

Shots rang out near the U.S. Capitol this afternoon, and a “shelter in place” was in effect during what was at first described as an “active shooter situation.” Various news outlets have since reported that that the order has now been lifted. And it appears that there was no shooter, but rather a woman who tried to crash the White House gate with her car, then fled.

According to Reuters, the shots were fired near the Hart Senate Building at 2nd Street and Constitution Avenue, a just a few blocks from the Supreme Court. The incident reportedly began when the woman tried to crash the White House gate. A car chase ensued. She then bailed, and was shot.

Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine said in a press conference that the woman has been shot by law enforcement. He said she appears to be a lone shooter, and not connected to any terrorism. He said her condition is unknown, and that there was also a child in the car. Some news outlets are saying the woman is dead.

Emergency vehicles swarmed to the scene, and officers with machine guns were seen running through the Capitol. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives were in session at the time, and the shots were heard in the vicinity of the chamber.

Senator Harry Reid reportedly told CNN correspondent Dana Bash that one Capitol police officer has been wounded. But Chief Dine said that the officer was hurt in a car crash, not shot.

These events occurred on the 3rd day of the government shutdown, and just one mile from where the recent mass Navy Yard shooting occurred. The Capitol Police who responded are currently not being paid due to the shutdown.

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