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Chairman Ted: Enough Excess Attention on the Texas Buffoon

October 18, 2013 in Blogs

By Don Hazen, AlterNet

When the Dems, won the big standoff, why did everyone have a photo of Ted Cruz?

When I woke up Thursday morning we had a functioning government again, and what seemed to be a new Chairman Mao. Everywhere I looked there was a picture of Ted Cruz. Pretty soon, I calculated, there would only be pictures of Cruz in America…just like Mao. There he was onHuffington Post, on the Daily Beast, on Raw Story, where he was called “The New Republican Party.” Even one of AlterNet’s editors was about to use him to illustrate a Tea Party story. Please. Give me a break.

If I am not mistaken, the resolution of the semi-crazed government stalemate was resolved primarily by senators Reid and McConnell; President Obama apparently hung tight, and majority leader Boehner is now officially licking his wounds. Twelve female senators (there are 20 in all) were given credit for bridging the gaping parties gap, and pushing for solutions that would end the brinkmanship with default looming very large, and the government on the sidelines for 16 days.

So there are maybe 20 people who were primarily responsible for the agreement, and their pictures would have made sense illustrating the story. Ted Cruz? He pretty much had nada to do with it. Notice, in all the shenanigans, Obamacare wasn’t on the table—it faded away days ago, as Cruz should have.

But somehow, editors across America thought that the mug of Ted Cruz summed up the entire situation. In fact, Cruz had to sit quietly on the sidelines, voting with 17 other Republican senators against the agreement as they were, to put it mildly, seriously outvoted. Experts figure that the Tea Party represents about 15 to 20 percent of the electorate. So that is Ted Cruz’s constituency. But from the publicity and attention heaped on the guy, you would think he was the leader of the semi–free world.

Cruz-mania reinforces a basic principle of politics and media in America. Say the craziest things, which have very little to do with reality—or what most people think—but if you look and sound good while you are doing it (the governor from Texas …read more


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