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CNN Op-Ed: Obamacare, shutdown are bad ideas

October 4, 2013 in Politics & Elections

This week, we saw the outrageous spectacle of World War II veterans being told by our government that they couldn’t visit their own memorial. These former service members, who stared down the Japanese and the Nazis, were told that they couldn’t step through barricades arbitrarily placed in front of their memorial because the government has shut down. Some have speculated that it might have cost more to place the barricades there than to have done nothing at all.
Regardless, these WWII heroes busted through the barricades and gathered at the memorial anyway. Good for them.
While all of this was happening, millions of Americans got their first taste of just how problematic Obamacare is. The healthcare.gov website crashed. When the complaints came, President Obama said that it was just like when Apple unveils a new product-there are bound to be glitches. I don’t recall ever being forced by the government to buy Apple products. I don’t recall Apple ever being tone deaf to the complaints of their customers either.
Despite popular belief, all members of Congress will be forced to get Obamacare. All Congress and their staff will have to buy their insurance on the Obamacare health exchanges.
In researching the Obamacare exchanges in Kentucky, I learned that I now had a choice between just two insurance companies (previously I had over 30 choices). One of those companies would not insure me out-of-state. Considering how often I’m in Washington, D.C., this posed as problematic.
But my Obamacare problems were small compared to what most Americans faced-worries about keeping their current plans, the new law itself, what it entails, potential fines, personal privacy and in many cases, even keeping their jobs.
Like the shutdown itself, Obamacare makes no sense.
No one wanted a government shutdown. Republicans have continued to offer multiple compromises that would keep the government open. I offered an amendment to keep the government open an additional week while negotiations continued. My proposal was rejected. In fact, all of our proposals were rejected.
Every attempt to bargain, negotiate or compromise has been rejected by the Democrats. President Obama seems to have a ‘my way or the highway’ attitude towards Obamacare. But as the new health care system frustrates nearly everyone, the President insists we must stay the course.
Pundits like to talk about dysfunctional government in Washington. This week demonstrated how right they are. Our government is …read more


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