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David Gordon Lists 5 Books For Freedom

October 31, 2013 in Economics

By Mises Updates

LRC today posted the transcript to this podcast with David Gordon on five books every new libertarian should read.

ROCKWELL:  Our guest this morning is Dr. David Gordon.  David is editor of the Mises Review.  He’s a senior fellow at the Mises Institute, author of a number of books, many, many articles.  His most recent book, The Essential Rothbard

But this morning, I want to talk to him about what — say, a person coming into Libertarianism as a result of the Ron Paul movement or attracted by an interest in Austrian economics during this part of the business cycle, David, let’s say, what are the five books that you would recommend for the intelligent layperson to introduce them to the basics of Libertarianism?

GORDON:  Well, thank you, Lew.  It’s very nice to be here.

The first book I might recommend if someone’s been interested in Ron Paul is — I think Ron Paul has a very fine book that came out calledThe Revolution: A Manifesto that really gives an excellent explanation of the basics of his political views and political philosophy…

I think one book people should definitely read — it’s a very short one but it really gets to the essence of the Austrian account of money and the basis of the business cycle and it explains why we’re in the conditions we are today — is by Murray Rothbard, called What Has Government Done to Our Money? …

Now the third book is a great classic of the 19th century by a great French classical Liberal, Frederic Bastiat, called The Law….

Another one that is sort of Bastiat for the 20th century was Henry Hazlitt’s Economics in One Lesson….

And the last one I’d mention is another book, a little longer, by Rothbard called For a New Liberty

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