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Dick Cheney is a One-man Zombie Apocalypse

October 31, 2013 in Blogs

By Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian

The former VP has returned from the shadows – weirdly, to court the Tea Party for daughter Liz's Senate run. Happy Halloween!

Rationally, I realize that the reappearance of Dick Cheney in the media landscape is tied to his promoting his new book, Heart: An American Medical Odyssey. And, with equal clear-mindedness, I know that his publisher no doubt timed the book's debut to capitalize on the roll-out of the Affordable Care Act – Cheney has gravely insisted in interviews that the ACA would limit the technological innovations that allow his own survival.

A more primal part of me simply sees “Cheney”, “heart” and “Halloween” and I clutch my own chest in fear.

The Republican party has even more to fear than I do. Cheney – never very shy with advice – has used his book tour to continue his relentless campaign on behalf of torture and totalitarian tactics. And he's using it, paradoxically, to insist that he and his daughter Liz (now running for Senate in Wyoming) are allies of the Tea Party and that he supports their cause. “These are Americans”, he says, not so much as a rebuttal against an accusation but as an accusation itself.

The Tea Party “rebellion”, says Cheney is “a normal, healthy reaction, and the fact that the GOP is having to adjust to it is positive.” Less generally, he has offered that Liz is just the kind of adjustment Republicans need. “My own daughter is running for the US Senate in Wyoming,” he not-at-all-self-servingly-brought up in one interview, “partly motivated by the concern that Washington's not working, that the system is breaking down and that it's time for new leadership.”

Tea Party representatives have warmly greeted Cheney's advice and responded to his praise with an enthusiasm that betrays the insecurity anyone might feel if, you know, most of America thought they were obstructionist brats: “Guess …read more


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