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FREE eBook!!! "Senator Obama" EPUB

October 8, 2013 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

In the spirit of laying literary foundations for libertarian culture, I’ve launched my “Senator Obama” story onto various online bookstores.

Senator Obama has been expanded and is now available at the Lulu Bookstore for FREE. This is an EPUB file which will work on almost any e-reader device. Now YOU can curl up by the fire place and enjoy some libertarian/Constitutional conservative fiction on your e-reader!
Download the free EPUB eBook here. Be sure to also check out my author’s spotlight page at Lulu so you can also download a free Ron Paul eBook.
Very soon Senator Obama will be available on the Nook Bookstore, Kindle Store, and iTunes Bookstore. I’ll keep you folks updated! THANK YOU for supporting what I do.

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