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I Was Raped, Left to Die, Harassed by My Classmates — the Boy Who Did it Never Faced Justice

October 18, 2013 in Blogs

By Daisy Coleman, xojane

The young woman whose alleged sexual assault has recently garnered national attention — and the attention of Anonymous — tells her story.

Editor's note: Last Sunday, the Kansas City Star publisheda harrowing feature about a young woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by a popular football player from a powerful family. While her family faced harassment in the town — her mother lost her job, and their house burned down — charges were dropped against her alleged attacker. She tells her side of the story below. 

Winter: cold, bleak, bitter, ugly. Almost like summer has taken off its mask and shown its true colors. Everyone is forced to see how ugly life can truly be. Others get a season of beauty: summer.

My whole life since January 8, 2012, has been a long, reckless winter.

The night everything changed I was having an old friend over to catch up and have fun. Her name is Paige, and she is a year younger than I am. At the time, she was 13, and I was 14.

We had been best friends since we were both very young, and continued to be best friends, even though I had moved from Albany to Maryville. She was in the eighth grade, and I was in the midst of my freshman year.

Life, overall, was great.

I was on the varsity cheer squad, a competitive dance team and had a lot of friends.


Paige is my best friend. Watching scary movies was always our thing. So, that's how we kicked off our night, along with alcoholic beverages. My mom didn't know we were drinking, and I was not supposed to be.

That night I was texting with a boy that my older brother had warned me about, but I didn't listen. Looking back, I wish I did.

It wasn't until later that night that Matt, a popular senior boy, had asked to hang out. Of course, I knew my brothers wouldn't allow this so, we had to sneak out. It was about one in the morning when my friend and I climbed out of my bedroom window. I was …read more


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