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The October Issue of ‘The Free Market’ Is Now Online.

October 29, 2013 in Economics

By Mises Updates


This month in The Free Market, Ron Paul discusses his new book on education with the Mises Institute:

The Free Market: Even with all the growth in homeschooling, the vast majority of students still go to public schools. So is it possible to make a difference with so many still receiving conventional, state directed education?

Ron Paul: We don’t need to convince everyone. Most people take no interest in the issues that drive you and me. We need to persuade a dedicated minority. We need to reach the intellectual leaders of tomorrow from our ranks. If even five percent of the American public were truly conversant with the great thinkers and classics of the freedom philosophy, it would be a very, very different situation.

Hunt Tooley examines the American establishment’s ideal Secretary of State:

Our ideal man—and they are all males—would definitely be in the Council on Foreign Relations (after 1922). After having served for three or four years as Secretary of War or Defense, our man will go back to “business,” almost certainly investment banking. (This is true in nearly every case, even for those who were not bankers before.) He would also maintain extensive board memberships, consultative positions, and other connections to the arms industry. And he would be connected with the worlds of both government task forces and the great tax-free foundations (Ford Foundation, Rand, etc.) and maintain close connections to Lehman Brothers, Morgan, Jacob Schiff, and Goldman Sachs.

This month also features numerous news items on recent books and new research from Mises Institute scholars, friends, and alumni.

See the full issue here.

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