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Washington Times Op-Ed: Obama’s response to shutdown is just ‘shut up’

October 4, 2013 in Politics & Elections

It has been said that politics is the art of compromise. Try as they may, Washington leaders hardly ever get absolutely everything they want.
Polls show Americans are worried about the implementation of Obamacare-worried about keeping their current plans, the new law itself, the exchanges, potential fines, personal privacy, keeping their jobs, their work hours and a host of other issues, too many to list here. As a country and in Congress, we have much to discuss.
But right now, President Obama refuses to engage in any debate or discussion. The President is demanding that he get 100 percent of what he wants and if he doesn’t, he and his democratic allies in the Senate will shut down the government.
Republicans have offered compromises that might stop or dull some of the negative effects of Obamacare, but that would also pass a budget and keep the government functioning. Still, President Obama refuses to budge. He will not even consider compromise.
Republicans are told that the law has already passed and we’re being obstructionists for attempting to question or modify it. But since when in this country, after a law is passed, is it eternally set in stone? When has it ever been true that Congress cannot look at and alter or improve existing law?
The Obama Administration announced in August that it sought to reform our current mandatory minimum sentencing laws. I’ve been speaking out on the need to get rid of these unjust laws for sometime and look forward to working with anyone in either party who is serious about doing so.
Some of those mandatory minimum sentencing laws have been in place since the 1980′s. Does anyone believe that just because they were once passed into law, that President Obama or I are somehow ‘extremists’ for wanting to change them? Does a bad law have to be decades old before we do anything about it? When Reagan was elected, and the top bracket tax rate was at 70 percent and had been so for 40 years, did he just throw up his hands and accept it? Or did he change the bad laws?
Plenty of people are saying Obamacare is bad law, and not just Republicans. The Teamsters are saying Obamacare has serious problems. Warren Buffet says it’s a problem. Former President Bill Clinton says there are problems.
Even President Obama himself acknowledges that there are some significant flaws. …read more


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