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Could a Peaceful, Well-Organized Protest Movement Help Save Us from Obamacare?

November 4, 2013 in Economics

By Jim Powell

Jim Powell

Principled House votes, brave Senate filibusters and aggressive Capitol Hill lobbying have failed to save us from Obamacare, in part because they’re inside-the-beltway strategies, all wrong for the situation we find ourselves in now — namely, millions of Americans alarmed because, contrary to President Obama’s cynical promises, we cannot keep the health insurance policy we like, we cannot work with the doctor we like, we face astronomical Obamacare premiums, and we fear catastrophic health care costs if we go without insurance.

What could concerned citizens do now?

Well, we already tried staying home and watching TV to see what Washington might do.

The worst option would be to remain passively on the sidelines, hoping for the best, waiting to see whether Republicans will come up with enough compelling candidates and focus on an effective strategy or whether Republicans will become distracted by other issues and self-destruct amidst intramural struggles. Sometimes it seems Republicans have a talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Ordinary people in tough circumstances have changed history before, and it’s possible we could do it again.”

Concerned citizens need to consider a more pro-active strategy that will generate pressure on members of Congress from both parties to save us from Obamacare. Most people seem to think that means running to Washington, but actually pressure must be generated out in the country where we live, among voters in the 50 states, and pressure must be directed at Washington. The most effective way to change the direction that the wind blows in Washington is to change the direction that the wind blows in states and congressional districts.

Now in pain because of Obamacare, increasing numbers of Americans might be motivated enough to participate in nonviolent nation-wide protests, to testify about how their policies were cancelled, how their premiums skyrocketed, how they were denied access to their doctors and how they’re gaining new hope through solidarity.

People who show up for a well-organized protest attract more media camera crews than somebody writing a blog. Also, people who take the trouble of showing up someplace tend to be more highly motivated than people who stay at home. So, well-organized protests can make a difference.

Ordinary people in tough circumstances have changed history before, and it’s possible we could do it again. Just recall some of the most successful mass movements. None of them developed in a capital where entrenched interests …read more

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