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P.J. Hill Discusses Frontier Property and Crime on the Tom Woods Show

November 25, 2013 in Economics

By Ryan McMaken


Last week, Tom Woods interviewed P.J. Hill, author of The Not So Wild, Wild West that examines the relatively low rates of crime in the West which is why Hill and his co-author Terry Anderson also called western settlement the “American experiment in anarcho-capitalism.” This research was first published in The Journal of Libertarian Studies in 1979, and then expanded into a book.

Although I was not, at the time, familiar with the work of Hill and Anderson, I published an article ten years ago in Mises Daily that came to similar conclusions, and used many of the same sources as Hill and Anderson. I also use some of the same information in my book Commie Cowboys.

In the 24-minute interview, Hill discusses property rights among Indian tribes, the law governing mining claims and the management of resources in the absence of a functioning central government.

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