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Support the Battle of Ideas; Not Tyrants

March 11, 2014 in Economics

By John P. Cochran

Today at the Circle Bastiat Ron Paul offers sage commentary on the Ukraine where he asks and answers with a resounding NO, “Can we afford the Ukraine?

A good follow up appears in the Wall Street Journal where William Easterly argues that both U.S. and private aid is misguided and misspent. Too much ‘aid’ supports tyrants and is contra-productive in supporting freedom and developing prosperity. See

William Easterly: How About Aiding Freedom Instead of Autocrats?


Attributing development success to autocrats misreads the evidence on autocracy and development. Academic researchers running statistical tests on historical data find that prosperity in the West is largely due to individuals realizing their own political and economic rights.


The good news is that the long-run trend is toward the spread of freedom, as people assert their own rights. Western humanitarians should support them in the battle of ideas, not fight against them by giving spurious intellectual justification and financial support to their oppressive rulers.

Even better; support the battle for liberty entirely through voluntary means. MI is a good place to begin.

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