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Peikoff on Snowden

April 29, 2014 in Economics

By David Gordon

Leonard Peikoff, much to my surprise, has an excellent podcast on Edward Snowden.  He praises Snowden for revealing the vast amount of information the NSA collects about us. The government’s program is in essence totalitarian, and Peikoff aptly draws a parallel with Orwell’s 1984. To those who say that Snowden gave American secrets to Russia, Peikoff replies that even if this were true, Snowden is still a hero. Obama is a much greater threat to us than Putin. The information Snowden gave the American people about what the government is doing far outweighs in importance anything Putin may have learned from him about America.

Unfortunately, Peikoff  near the end  of the podcast reverts to form and calls for a nuclear attack on Iran; but at least he does not claim to derive the necessity of such an attack from “A is A”.

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