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Five Libertarian Ideas #15 – Lenin and Stalin, the NAP, Japan, war in Ukraine

May 3, 2014 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

Bundy Ranch standoff, conclusion
I’m very grateful to everyone who took a stand on behalf of Mr. Bundy. I’m twice as thankful to the Almighty that, despite the high tension and potential for an armed clash, the protestors gave in to the better angels of their nature and kept the resistance PEACEFUL. -4/12

Lenin and Stalin
I remember learning in high school about Lenin the revolutionary and Stalin the totalitarian dictator. The standard narrative suggests that Lenin was a visionary whereas Stalin was a barbarian who hijacked the Russian Revolution. In all reality, Stalin simply followed Lenin’s bloodthirsty example and improved on it. -4/12

American politicians vs Japanese politicians
When American politicians and CEOs majorly screw up, they get money, a free pass, and they look for another cushy job. When Japanese politicians and CEOs majorly screw up, they commit suicide to show their repentance and that they still have a shred of honor. Would that American voters and shareholders were so lucky… -4/15

Russian troops dressed as civilians
Russian Special Forces dressed as civilian militants are taking over police stations in eastern Ukraine. Shots have been fired and Ukrainians have been killed. AT LEAST when the USA unjustly conquered Mexico and the Southern states, they had the courtesy to not pretend to be local “patriots”. -4/17

The non-aggression principle
There are days and there are people that truly test the non-aggression principle. It was said that blood alone moves the wheels of history, but a wise Rothbardian (named Murray) advocates attacking the method before attacking the man. Damn, this whole consistency-with-libertarianism thing ain’t easy! (lol) -4/18
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Stalin and spirit of Lenin poster by the Ukrainian SSR and in the public domain.

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