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Five Libertarian Ideas #16 – YAL Cal Con 2014, Liberty movement activism, war in Ukraine

May 6, 2014 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

Ukrainian counter-terrorism operations
In my opinion the Ukrainian army is fully justified in waging counter-terror operations. Had the pro-Russian Ukrainians assembled peacefully and called for plebiscites in their various cities, then I would welcome their secession and voluntary association with Russia. Instead, Russian Special Forces infiltrated the Ukraine and have assembled militias and mobs to use violent measures to conquer eastern Ukraine for Russia. A national army’s chief objective is NATIONAL DEFENSE, and the Ukrainian army is doing what it can to defend Ukraine from an invasion. -4/19

Liberty movement activism
Fighting for liberty is a difficult road; assume it’s a lonely one. Assume the people you love will stop loving you. Assume your friends will turn their backs on you. Assume that you’ll be walking this road ALONE for 20 years. THEN you’re ready for anything that may come. Now keep walking, brothers and sisters. -4/22

YAL California State Convention 2014
YAL Cal Con was freaking awesome! It’s great to know that libertarians may argue online over stupid differences to the point where they resort to pistols at dawn, but put them in a room together and they party like combat veterans at war’s end. -4/27

Russian hypocrisy in Ukraine
So, after admitting that the “Crimean Self-Defense Forces” (a.k.a. the Little Green Men) REALLY WERE Russian Special Forces troops, KGB Colonel Vladimir Putin insists that Russia has NOTHING to do with the self-proclaimed “People’s Republic of Donetsk” in eastern Ukraine. Better yet, despite claims that Ukrainian-Russians are liberating themselves from “fascists”, the so-called People’s Governor of Donetsk is an actual Russian neo-Nazi. -4/27

Possible U.S./UN intervention in Ukraine
I don’t support sending my brothers and sisters in arms to eastern Europe to intervene in an ethnic civil war. Ukraine is GOING to lose more chunks in the east to Russia. If Kiev wants to avoid losing ALL of the east to the neo-Soviet Empire, they NEED to hold plebiscites in every eastern county, which must be administered and votes counted by neutral Switzerland. -4/27

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YAL State Conventions 2014 banner courtesy of Young Americans for Liberty

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