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Inside Venice’s Secession Movement

May 26, 2014 in Economics

By Mises Updates


Paolo Bernardini speaks with the Mises Institute about his involvement in the Venetian secession movement in today’s Mises Daily

MI: How do you imagine a new Venetian state would interact with the overall European community?

PB: A tiny majority of Veneto people are in favor both of the EU and of the Euro as a currency. So I envisage a little, rich state, playing a major economic and political role in the EU, a stabilizing role. It will interact naturally with other rich and similar states, Bavaria (still part of Germany), Austria, and the Netherlands. It will be a Finland in the Adriatic. In general, however, new little states entering the EU in a position of economic privilege (Scotland, Catalonia, Veneto) should also be able to recondition the EU policies and even its nature.

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