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The Great Rebuild

May 14, 2014 in Economics

By John P. Cochran

The Mises Institute is currently undertaking a major website rebuild. Peter Klein recently shared a link to an early version of the website. Brought back memories of how important Mise.org resources have been over many years in my teaching efforts to make Austrian and libertarian/classical liberal readings available to undergraduate students and to encourage self-learning. What an advance the website was, even in its infant forms, over getting access to hard copies and then making photocopies for distribution. The changes on site are in many ways as dramatic as the improvement in basic computing technology from the days when I began teaching. I wrote my dissertation on a Columbia portable PC with 56 K memory. I used wordstar, which came on two 5 and ¼ floppy discs, to do the drafting. Printing was done by a dot matrix printer. Whole set up cost me around $3K. Cut and pasting required removing disc 1 and inserting disc 2.

To make access to all the important resources even easier for the next generation of professors, scholars, students and motivated self-learners, do as I have done and Help Build the New Mises Website.

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