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Week In Review, May 2

May 2, 2014 in Economics

By Ryan McMaken


Videos, Blog Posts, and Mises Daily articles from this week:

From the Economics Blog:

Accounting and The Rise and Fall of Firms and Nations by John Cochran

Nasty GDP Report by Mark Thornton

Ex-Pol Discovers Entrepreneurship is Hard by Jeff Deist

Rx for a Healthy Economy: Cold and Unhealthy Consumers by Joseph Salerno

The Unbroken-Leg Fallacy by Robert Higgs

Essentialism in Economics and Art by Peter Klein

Government Greedheads by William Anderson

Walter Block Explains the Minimum Wage

Peikoff on Snowden by David Gordon

The problem is poverty. The solution is liberty. by John Cochran.

Transcript: How Murray Rothbard Became a Libertarian

Human Action, Swedish edition  by Per Bylund

Hipsters, Washing Machines, and the Materialism of the Socialists by Ryan McMaken

Don’t Blame the Whole Housing Bubble on CRA: Part II by John Cochran

Mises Daily:

The Big, Bad Market: A French Psychosis? by Louis Rouanet

Differences Don’t Necessarily Equal Discrimination by Andrew Syrios

Markets Are About Much More Than Material Goods by Gary Galles

Our Oligarchs Can Thank James Madison by Ryan McMaken


Mark Thornton critiques Thomas Piketty’s recent bestseller, and explains why capitalism is not the problem, nor are taxation and redistribution of wealth the solutions.

Jeff Deist explains some of the compliance burdens of the IRS’s latest guidelines for cryptocurrency and other electronic media of exchange.

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