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MUST WATCH VIDEO: Daily Show Takes on the Absurd Leniency Colleges Show to Sexual Assaulters

June 26, 2014 in Blogs

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

“Expelled upon graduation? Isn't that graduation?”

Jon Stewart and his team tackled the subject of college sexual assault in Wednesday's show, opening with a case at James Madison University, where 3 frat brothers tore off a girl's bathing suit top and then circulated the video.

With ironclad video proof, must have been an open and shut case resulting in a stiff punishment, the comedian surmised.

Yeupp. The three perps were expelled upon graduation.

Wait, Stewart asks, “Isn't that just graduation?”

Surely other schools have taken the problem far more seriously. Maybe some, but, then again, 55 universities are under investigation for mishandling sexual assault allegations, and punishment has been pretty lax across the board. Some perpetrators have been suspended for a month or a semester.

“You know what the rest of us call taking 30 days off and the chance to read a book?” Stewart says. “A vacation!”

Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams then gave some helpful tips to their respective peers on steering clear of trouble at college”

“Don't pass out on the couch, someone might draw a dick on your face,” Klepper advised the bros.

“Don't pass out on the couch, someone might put his dick on your face,” Williams told the gals.

It gets worse. Watch:


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