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Sen. Paul Speaks in Defense of Women and Christians Around the World

June 24, 2014 in Politics & Elections

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sen. Rand Paul today offered remarks at the Senate Foreign Relations Human Rights Subcommittee Hearing regarding the global situation of violence against women. A transcript and clip of Sen. Paul’s remarks can be found below.


The great Pakistani poet, Parveen Shakir, wrote:

‘They insist upon evaluating the firefly in daylight. The children of our age have grown clever.’

Malala Yousufzai never met the great Urdu poet Parveen Shakir. She could not have, as their lives missed each other by several years, with Shakir’s life cut short in an accident in 1994.

But Malala’s courage, vibrancy and wit would have made Shakir proud. It would have made her proud that a young woman was standing up so strongly. It would have made her smile that the young woman is only 15 years old.

Unfortunately, now, because of the actions of extremists in the Pakistani Taliban, young women must fight for the right to simply attend school.

Malala, in her young life, has insisted on exposing the firefly to daylight. Her ‘crime,’ as seen by the Taliban, is to believe in enlightenment, to believe that out of the darkness tolerance can glow and overpower ignorance.

Shakir would have been both pleased by Malala’s actions and saddened that they were necessary. You see, Shakir was highly educated in the pre-Taliban Pakistan, earning two undergraduate degrees, two Masters’ and a Ph.D. from the University at Karachi in Pakistan. She taught and published poetry to widespread acclaim.
Contrast this with the battle Malala has led in the Western provinces of Pakistan against the Taliban, whose dictates included that girls should not be educated formally at all.

Malala knew that if the Taliban won, there could never be another Perveen Shakir to come out of Pakistan. Nor could there be another Benazir Bhutto. That is why she fought, and why we should all be paying attention right now to struggles such as hers.

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian, sits on death row for blasphemy. She says it all began when she drew water from a Muslim well. As she was filling her bowl with water, a crowd formed chanting, ‘Death! Death to the Christian!’

She pleaded for her life.
She was pelted with stones, punched in the face and dragged through the streets. The local Imam finally intervened only to say, …read more


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