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Tips for Submitting Your ‘Mises Daily’ Article

July 15, 2014 in Economics

By Ryan McMaken


You may have noticed that we publish a lot of new, original content in Mises Daily these days. Happily, I receive quite a few submissions, so to make sure that your submission does not get lost among them, here are some ways you can make sure your article goes to the right place:

Here are the basic guidelines.


1. Please use the phrase “Mises Daily submission” in your subject line. Feel free to add a few words about the topic, but be sure the phrase “Mises Daily submission” is in there.

2. Please do not include more than one article per email. If you have more than one article to submit, send them all in separate emails.

3. It is my intent to respond to every submission, even if to just reject it. If you suspect your article has been missed, I won’t be mad if you follow up.

When I read it, I ask myself the following questions:

1. Is this newsworthy and relevant to some timely issue? (Book and movie reviews of new books and movies are automatically newsworthy, even if the subject matter of the book or movie itself is not “newsy.”). Not every article needs to be newsworthy, but it helps.

2. Is it easy to read and can a person without a degree in economics understand it? Will someone who is not a hard-core 24/7 libertarian-Austrian activist understand it?

3. Are there good examples and interesting facts in it? Perhaps new facts that have come to light in new books or other research?

4. Is it organized in such a way that people can read it quickly and easily without having to labor over it to figure out your point?

We publish a range of topics and difficulty levels so your article need not be a clone of other articles, but you should consult the Mises Daily archives over the past year to get a sense of what we’re publishing right now. Nor do articles need to address every single objection under the sun that could possibly be raised against your arguments. You can only do so much with a 900-word article, and reasonable people know this.  If you want to say more on the topic, feel free to write another article. I’d rather have two good short articles from you than one long one.

All articles need to be informative and interesting, however.

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