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A Question on ISIS, Terrorism, and Libertarian Response

August 17, 2014 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

Screenshot from an execution video from ISIS propaganda
Fellow libertarians, we have a major problem. When the federal government waged its illegal wars and clandestine interventions abroad, it bred hatred and ultimately blowback. As I see it, ISIS is worse than Al Qaeda. The previous waves of jihadists’ main grievance against our people [Americans] was that our government occupied Islamic holy lands. Their main goal was to remove foreign occupation forces from their holy lands and from the Middle East. ISIS has upped the stakes and done what Al Qaeda couldn’t, conquering extensive territory and establishing a state.

Al Qaeda offered rhetoric on establishing a Caliphate and expanding; ISIS is actually doing it, and they’re kicking ass and taking names. Furthermore, they’ve made it absolutely clear that they’ll continue expanding and that they’re coming for us. They don’t care about the difference between the State and We the People; they don’t care about statism/tyranny versus anarchy/liberty; they don’t care about our nonaggression principle. Hell, they make no qualms about mass-executing civilians for not being good enough Muslims.

They’re coming for us, sooner or later, and they’re raising their sons to carry on the jihad. They may not be able to send infantry or armored divisions to attack the US, but they’ll sure as hell send cells and suicide bombers to kill in America. The ISIS press secretary literally announcing the Islamic State’s short term goal of sending “martyrs” to America and their end goal of “raising the flag of prophet Muhammad over the White House.” They’ve promised to attack us; so far they’ve shown in Iraq and Syria that they keep their promises.