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4 Big Activist Events for New York’s Climate Week

September 19, 2014 in Blogs

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Where to discuss, rally and protest climate change in the Big Apple.

The People’s Climate March in New York City is the centerpiece of the Big Apple's Climate Week. But in addition to the march there are several important activist events preceding it, and many events extending past Tuesday’s United Nations Climate Summit.

Some of the other events are officially sanctioned by the Climate March organizers, while others are run by other activist organizations. Many of the vigils, lectures, prayer services, and panels seem very worthwhile, and they’re listed on the Climate March’s events page and the Huffington Post has a generous listing of religious events on its site. NYC Climate Convergence will hold a series of workshops and teach-ins leading up to the march.

But we thought we’d keep it simple and list the most visible activist events in the next few days in more detail.

The New York City Permaculture Exchange Festival will take place on Saturday, Sept. 20. It’s a satellite event for the Climate March that focuses on sustainable living that will be held in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The goal of the festival is to strengthen the NYC permaculture community, and address issues such as environmental stewardship, urban homesteading, community interdependence, and environmental stewardship.

Many festival attendees will be hard at work making artwork and banners for the Climate March. You’re welcome to join other attendees in making signs while learning more about permaculture. The event will begin at noon and run to 7pm at the Old Stone House of Brooklyn, 336 3rd St., Brooklyn, NY.

Sunday’s rallies leading up to the People Climate’s March. Several pre-march rallies are scheduled to take place on Sunday morning. We’ve listed some of the most notable below, but for a full list, refer to the Climate March’s events page. Three notable events are:

  • Labor Rally for Climate Justice. Thousands of union members and labor leaders will join a rally on Broadway south of Columbus Circle at 10:45am.

  • Interfaith Religious Service and Rally. Faith leaders and groups will …read more

    Source: ALTERNET

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