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BREAKING NEWS: Ravens Cut Ray Rice After Full Domestic Violence Video Released

September 8, 2014 in Blogs

By AlterNet

TMZ releases shocking footage of the Ravens player punching his then-fiancé.

A shocking new video released today by TMZ shows Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice punching his then-fiancé Janay Palmer in the elevator of an Atlantic City casino. As a result of the leaked footage, the Ravens announced today in a curt Twitter post that they terminated his contract with the team.

Rice had previously been ordered to serve a two-game suspension for another video of the incident, which shows him dragging the unconscious Palmer out of the elevator. Though his light punishment drew criticism, Rice claimed that the incident had spurred him to change. At a press conference in July, which he held with Palmer, who is now his wife, Rice called his actions “inexcusable” and said that the couple was undergoing counseling.

The league's position on the issue continued to evolve, with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell coming forward in August with an acknowledgement that they could have done more to follow up on the incident. He established a new policy that mandates that any player will receive a lifetime ban for a second domestic abuse violation. Rice's termination serves as further evidence that the NFL is finally taking this issue seriously. After all, it took the commissioner several months to suspend him after the initial video was released, but it took only hours for the second clip to force him out of the league.

We’ll have more on this story as it continues to develop.   

WARNING: This footage contains graphic scenes of domestic abuse.. 

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