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Five Libertarian Ideas #25 – War, Economics, Freedom

September 19, 2014 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

Free market abundance
My 14 year old nephew tells me he and his buddies went into Sam’s Club and ate a full lunch just from being offered free samples. This speaks volumes about the abundance created by profit-seeking ingenuity, when groups of people at a time get a free feast from an advertising campaign. -9/2

Seceding from the Confederacy
Jones County, Mississippi is an interesting historical case. During the War Between the States, Jones County became a haven for Confederate Army deserters. These deserters fought a sporadic guerrilla war against state militia and Confederate Army troops, vigorously defending their status and free and individually self-governed people. -9/5

Fast food minimum wage
Fast food workers in Southern California are protesting for a $15 an hour wage. Truly, minimum wage is a job killer. It wouldn’t be “necessary” if government didn’t tax the working class back into poverty, nor inflate their hard-earned dollars til the value is next to nothing, nor strangled private sector job growth by picking winners and losers via “bailouts” and subsidized loans. -9/5

Libertarian role models
It’s safe to say my role models are Jesus of Nazareth, Ethan Allen, and Bart Simpson. I’m a believer, a fighter, and I won’t be told how to live my life. -9/8

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