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Darren Wilson's Shocking TV Interview After Decision: I Wouldn't Have Done Anything Differently

November 26, 2014 in Blogs

By Ed Pilkington, The Guardian

I have a 'clear conscience' over Michael Brown shooting, Wilson tells ABC News.

Darren Wilson, the Ferguson police officer who escaped prosecution for killing an unarmed black teenager, has insisted in a televised primetime interview that his actions were not motivated by race and that there was nothing he could have done to avoid the tragedy.

As protesters began to gather on the streets of Ferguson for a second night after the announcement that Wilson had been spared a grand jury indictment for killing Michael Brown, the police officer spoke bluntly about his conviction that he had acted correctly according to his training. Asked by George Stephanopoulos of ABC News whether there was anything he could have done differently to prevent the killing from taking place, he replied with a one-word answer: “No.”

“Nothing?” Stephanopoulos repeated.

“No,” he replied.

Despite Wilson’s protestation that he would have acted entirely the same way had the teenager been white and not black, the officer repeated the racially-charged description of Brown that he had given to the grand jury. He said that when they first had a contretemps while Wilson was sitting in his police car and Brown was standing beside it in the street, “I reached out of the window, and I felt the immense power that he had. It was like a five-year-old trying to hold onto Hulk Hogan. He was a very large, a very powerful man.”

“You’re a pretty big guy,” Stephanopoulos observed.

“Yeah, I’m above average,” he said.

In fact, Wilson is 6ft 4ins tall, about an inch taller than Brown.

The ABC interview appears to be the only media interaction to which Wilson has agreed at this stage. It was conducted over an hour in Ferguson on Tuesday, just hours after the grand jury verdict had been announced and the city had erupted in flames as protesters vented their fury.

As he moved to get out of the car, he said Brown had turned and said “What the fuck are you going to do about it?” and slammed the door shut on him.Wilson, answering questions in a forensic and slightly antiseptic way, repeated the narrative that he …read more


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Darren Wilson's Testimony Reads Like Ramblings of a Paranoid White Supremacist

November 26, 2014 in Blogs

By Chauncey DeVega, AlterNet


If you have not yet read Darren Wilson's testimony to the Ferguson grand jury which decided that he would suffer no ill consequences for his decision to kill Michael Brown, please do so.

Wilson's description of the events on the day that he decided to shoot and kill an unarmed person cannot be adequately relayed to you by a second party.

The absurd, unfathomable, and fantastical story which Wilson spun out of the whole cloth in order to justify killing an unarmed black teenager combines the deepest and ugliest white supremacist stereotypes and fantasies about black folks' humanity such as the negro fiend”, “black beast”, and “giant negro”, with white racist paranoiac thinking, and dialogue from blaxploitation movies.

Darren Wilson's grand jury testimony purports to be an accurate description of his encounter with Michael Brown. In reality, it is closer to an amateurish summer stock theater production of the movie Birth of the Nation as performed by the KKK and/or Neo-Nazis.

After submitting a blank police report that provided no substantive information, Darren Wilson was trained by attorneys from the police union (a common procedure when police kill civilians), and had many weeks to prepare his grand jury testimony.

During that time, Wilson was privy to the narrative and witness testimony that he would be confronted by in court.

Wilson was also aided by a prosecutor who was not at all interested in finding sufficient probable cause to proceed with a proper trial for the latter's decision to kill Michael Brown.

Ultimately, Darren Wilson was either 1) coached to recite a profoundly racist and bizarre version of his encounter with Michael Brown; 2) is deeply mired in the White Gaze and White Racial Frame to such a degree that he actually believes the white supremacist fictions he told the grand jury; or 3) some combination of the above.

The American legal system is not separate and apart from the social norms, cultures, values, and beliefs which produced it. Rather, the legal system (as well as schools, prisons, hospitals, etc.) is a crystallization of American society and its hierarchies of power.

Social scientists and others have produced volumes …read more