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5 Absurd, Deeply Racist Things Rudy Giuliani Said This Week

November 27, 2014 in Blogs

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Giuliani will not stop spouting off offensively about Ferguson.

Former New York City Mayor Rudolf Giuliani has been having the time of his life this week feeling relevant and commenting on the tumultuous events in Ferguson, Missouri. The fact that he has no actual knowledge of the details of the case has in no way cowed the former prosecutor and right-wing lout from speaking out about what it is that he thinks black people really need. Put succinctly, on Sunday, he said they need white people to control them. Particularly, white police officers. The day before the devastating news that white police officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted for shooting unarmed teen Michael Brown to death last August, Giuliani explained that black people need white cops so that black people won't kill each other. Then, a day after the official news that there would be no indictment, Giuliani said he'd prosecute witnesses whose stories contradict Wilson's account, the details of which make no sense. (The only way they make any sense is if you believe that Michael Brown was an insane, suicidal, 18-year-old heading to college, who dared an armed angry cop to shoot him. And then, just barely.)

Giuliani's week of fanning the racist flames started on Meet the Press where he was asked to discuss Ferguson and the systemic problem of disproportionately white police forces policing black communities. Ferguson is hardly the only example of a place where the police seem more like an occupying force than an entity that serves the community. Just this week, white Cleveland police officers gunned down a 12-year-old African-American child with a toy gun within seconds of arriving on the scene. Fresh video of the incident seems to show that there was no attempt to talk or disarm the child of his toy. But Giuliani did not want to talk about this, nor Eric Garner, the African-American father from Staten Island who died as a result of being placed in a chokehold, or any of the other incidents in a depressing litany of police overreaction and deadly brutality against black …read more


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