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5 Awful Right-Wing Moments This Week: GOPer’s Bizarre Facebook Rant Against Sasha and Malia Obama

November 29, 2014 in Blogs

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

The right found plenty of ways to be offensive besides Ferguson.

Racist reactions to the Ferguson grand jury’s refusal to indict Darren Wilson dominated the right-wing airwaves this week, not to mention Wilson’s own televised assertion that he’d shoot Michael Brown all over again. But resourceful Fox newsians and Republican operatives aimed their offensive comments at other topics as well. Here’s a sampling.

1. Insane GOP staffer writes open letter to Sasha and Malia Obama criticizing their facial expressions and bar-ready attire.

Sasha and Malia Obama crossed their arms and did not laugh much at their father’s attempt at humor during the somber annual oval office turkey pardon this week. Also, the two teenagers wore skirts. All of this really pissed off GOP staffer Elizabeth Lauten, former new media political director for the Republican National Committee, who thought it a good idea to write an open letter to the first daughters on Facebook:

“Dear Sasha and Malia,” Lauten began, “I get that you’re both in those awful teen years, but you’re part of the First Family, try showing a little class.”

In case the Obamas don’t know what class is, Lauten is just the gal to show them.

“At least respect the part that you play. Then again your mother and father don’t respect their positions very much, or the nation for that matter, so I’m guessing you’re coming up a little short in the ‘good role model’ department.”

Sweet, right? She really cares, and she is in no way attacking a 13- and 16-year-old in order to make a political point.

“Nevertheless, stretch yourself, rise to the occasion,” she continued, sagely. “Act like being in the White House matters to you. Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar. And certainly don’t make faces during televised, public events.”

For the record, they wore skirts and sweaters and rolled their eyes when their dad made a corny joke. Straight to reform school they go.

Shockingly, people reacted negatively to Lauten’s letter. I mean, she was just saying. So, she did what any reasonable person would do. She prayed. And she asked her mommy and …read more


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