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7 Sh*tiest Things Rich People Did This Week

November 21, 2014 in Blogs

By Natalie Shure, AlterNet

Kmart plays Scrooge and Uber targets journalists—it's been a rough couple of days for the rest of the 99 percent.

We’re not saying money is the root of all evil, but it’s a bit easier to get away with acting like a monster if you’re bankrolled. Here’s how the mega-wealthy, both corporations and individuals, have wreaked havoc on society this week. 

1. Gulf Tycoons Insist on Hunting Rare Elephants. A private company connected with the royal family of Dubai is reportedly buying up a 1500-kilometer swath of land in Tanzania so princes can gun down endangered lions, elephants and leopards. The Tanzanian government just announced that tens of thousands of Maasai people living in the region will be ousted from their ancestral lands and the area will be transformed into a site for luxury safaris and big game hunting. The Guardian reports that the Tanzanian government tried to ward off a backlash by offering the Maasai people a 369,350-pound consolation prize for their inconvenience, which the Maasai have refused. Nearly two million people worldwide have signed an online petition protesting the move. 

2. Kmart Ruins Thanksgiving to Sell You an $8 Curling Iron. How does the Sears Holding Corporation plan to plug the leaks in its retail tugboat on the heels of more than 70 nationwide Kmart and Sears closures? Simple. Just treat the first half of A Christmas Carol like it’s a business textbook, and forbid your Kmart employees to take any days off until January. One location’s team was threatened with termination if they refused to work on Thanksgiving, Think Progress reports. Several store employees uploaded photos of breakroom signs with messages like ON THANKSGIVING, BLACK FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ALL TEAM MEMBERS WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR THE SAKE OF THE BUSINESS.” The chain is one of 12 so far that has announced plans to stay open on the holiday, thus depriving its retail associates of their own family dinners.

3. Blue Cross Didn’t Mean All That Stuff It Promised When You Bought Its Crappy Prank Insurance. When Canadian citizen Jennifer Huculak-Kimmel’s water broke six months into her pregnancy during a Hawaiian vacation, she and her …read more


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