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ABC Reportedly Paid Darren Wilson Six Figures for Interview

November 29, 2014 in Blogs

By Alex Ellefson, AlterNet

ABC engaged in a bidding war to score the first interview with Darren Wilson.

ABC offered Darren Wilson a “mid-to-high” six figure payment to give his first and only public interview on the network, according to the website Got News.

An unnamed source from NBC reportedly told the website that both networks engaged in a bidding war to score the first interview with Wilson but NBC backed out after its rival “upped the ante.”

The interview was taped in an undisclosed location and broadcast on Tuesday, the day after a grand jury decided not indict Wilson for the fatal shooting of unarmed black teenage Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The grand jury’s decision set off protests and riots in Ferguson and many other U.S. cities. Demonstrators called for justice in the killing of Brown and criticized the police and prosecutors for how they investigated and tried the case.

During the interview, which was conducted by ABC host George Stephenopoulos, Wilson gave his account of the events that took place before he killed Michael Brown. Most of what Wilson told ABC was already covered in his testimony before the grand jury. When asked by Stephenopoulos if there was anything he could have done differently, Wilson said “No.”

ABC and Stephenopoulos, who during the interview looked more like a boy scout listening to a campfire story than a reporter trying to uncover the truth, have been criticized for not challenging Wilson’s account of the incident. People took to Twitter to express their dislike for the interview.


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