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Bob Murphy: The Fed’s Stock Market Casino

November 7, 2014 in Economics

By Ryan McMaken


Jeff Deist and Robert P. Murphy address the vital topic of Fed interference in financial markets. Are the global equity and bond markets a charade, engineered by monetary expansion and destined to collapse like a house of cards? Is the investing game basically rigged? How can Janet Yellen and financial elites keep markets from crashing without endless new rounds of quantitative easing? Why is understanding Austrian economics necessary, but not sufficient, to be a successful investor? And how would stock markets have a social function in a free society? Anyone interested in investing, personal finance, Austrian economics, and the wit and wisdom of Bob Murphy will enjoy this show.

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Robert Murphy is an associated scholar of the Mises Institute, where he teaches at the Mises Academy.He runs the blog Free Advice and is the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Capitalism, theStudy Guide to “Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market,” the “Human Action” Study Guide,The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Great Depression and the New Deal, and his newest book,Lessons for the Young Economist. Send him mail.

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