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Join me on Tsu and make money!

November 20, 2014 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

There’s been all kinds of hype this week about Tsu, the new social media platform that supposedly let’s users make money. So let’s skip straight to that money, which is probably why you want access to Tsu.co in the first place.
In short, it is possible for people to make money on Tsu. However, don’t think that this new social media platform–which combines the best features of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram–is going to replace your day job or make you loads of supplementary income.
It just doesn’t work that way. The gold is in the advertising revenue.
You’re used to seeing tons of ads on Facebook and other platforms. Whenever someone clicks one of your stories and then clicks an ad link related to what they saw on your page, Facebook doesn’t share any of that ad revenue with you.
You’ve seen lots of exquisite or amazing pictures on Instagram. The more high quality content you post, the more likes and followers you get. And that’s all.
Tsu tries to remedy that by sharing with you the revenue from ads people click on your page. But before you start seeing dollar signs floating around your head, think of what a pain it is to make money from Google ads. Same mental image here… Hey, it’s better than nothing!
In my opinion, this is a great innovation in social media. Facebook and other leading platforms specialize in passive consumer marketing, where personalized ads are thrown at you and your followers, but all it does is annoy you. Tsu, on the other hand, specializes in incentivized consumer marketing, where the money you earn lights a fire under your ass to produce high quality content that YOUR consumers want to see and subscribe to.
So now that you’re better informed, here comes the moment you’ve been waiting for. YOU are invited to join me on Tsu:

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