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Jon Stewart: I Have “Daily Show” Burnout

November 23, 2014 in Blogs

By Sarah Gray, Salon.com

Stewart shows his vulnerability in a fascinating and extremely revealing interview with Howard Stern.

Jon Stewart was on the Howard Stern show earlier this week, and of the appearances Stewart’s done to promote his film “Rosewater,” this was one of the most interesting, organic conversations from the media tour.

In the conversation, he discusses everything from interviewing politicians, “Rosewater,” not displaying his Emmys, fatherhood, interviewing Donald Rumsfeld, finding talent — Colbert, Carell, Helms, Oliver — and whether or not he’s burnt out from “The Daily Show.”

At times Stewart even asks for advice, or reverse interviews Stern. The interview is an hour-long, extremely revealing, somewhat vulnerable and very worth a listen:

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