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5 Right-Wing Lunacies This Week: O'Reilly Goes Way Off the Deep End

December 6, 2014 in Blogs

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

“Protests are a vast left-wing conspiracy,” the conservative blabbermouth warns.

1.  Bill O’Reilly: There’s a vast left-wing conspiracy behind the protests of the Eric Garner decision.

Bill O’Reilly, or Papa Bear, as Stephen Colbert so fondly calls him, has a warning for all right-thinking Americans: There is a vast, left-wing conspiracy coming to get you. Those protests that erupted on the streets of New York City and around the country in the folowing the Eric Garner grand jury decision not to indict the cop who choked him to death? They are a plot. An orchestrated plot. “They are not spontaneous,” O’Reilly said, nice and slow, so his watchers could comprehend.

OMG, what are they Papa Bear?

“They are well-planned disruptions from professional, anti-establishment provocateurs,” O’Reilly said, again, very slowly, and using graphics to illustrate his point. “That’s important to understand, because it is the American system that is being attacked, not the individual sagas of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.”

After careful investigation, O’Reilly warned, his program has learned that “radical far-left groups” like the Service Employees International Union, as well the group “This Stops Today” are being funded by “shadowy radical billionaire George Soros.” (Those shadowy radical billionaires are the worst.)

You can tell this is all the work of dangerous leftists groups because they are using dastardly methods like social media to rally people to their cause. The horror. Also, as O’Reilly points out, New York is “Ground Zero” for the radical left, just as it was for Occupy Wall Street.

O’Reilly also named two other “grievance groups,” Communities United for Police Reform and “Hoodies for Justice,” as evildoers behind these peaceful protests. Some commentators have guessed that his impeccable researchers could have been referring to Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, which was an organization formed after the shooting death of hoodie-clad Florida teen Trayvon Martin and acquittal of George Zimmerman in 2012.

Earlier in the week, O’Reilly said that the members of the St. Louis Rams who made the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture indicating solidarity with the protesters in nearby Ferguson, Missouri—where another police officer escaped charges for the fatal …read more


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