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Jon Stewart Rips Congress Apart for Their Sneaky, Special-Provision-Filled Budget

December 17, 2014 in Blogs

By Allegra Kirkland, AlterNet

“They just wait until no one’s looking and and slip the toxic stuff in,” he said. “It's the Bill Cosby of legislation.”

The budget recently passed by Congress, which ensures that our government will continue operating through next September, is a prime example of why people have lost faith in our political system. Though heralded by Congress members as a “monumental achievement,” the bill is riddled with compromises and backroom deals that fly in the face of democratic procedure.

Jon Stewart picked out some of the most egregious in last night’s opening monologue (e.g. public schools now being allowed to call white potatoes “fresh vegetables” and, on a more terrifying note, the last-minute inclusion of a provision that protects big banks—and was actually written by CitiGroup). As he put it, “This is Democracy the same way Cheez-Whiz is cheese.” 

Check out the full clip below. 

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