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The 7 Worst Things That Happened This Week: Cheney Unapologetic After Torture Report

December 12, 2014 in Blogs

By Natalie Shure, AlterNet

Burger King, Shell Oil, Congress: they're just some of the things in the news that peeved us.

Why are you so mad about torture when you should be mad about universal healthcare?

If you’re a feeling person, chances are you’re still reeling with horror over the CIA torture report, the 600-page “Fuck You” to now debunked American values. But not everyone had a beef with years of anal sadism that accomplished exactly nothing. In an interview with NPR, Former Vice President Dick Cheney once again lived up to his nickname and said he had no sympathy for the detainees and would do it all over again. He shot back at criticism on ABC News: “What are we supposed to do? Kiss [the architect of the attacks] on two cheeks?” (What – you wouldn’t make the jump from a friendly greeting to shooting pureed hummus up someone’s rectum?!) Sandy Rios, a Fox News contributor who has her french-tipped tentacles in plenty of far-right garbage bins, also failed to see the problem with the report. On her radio show, she said she doesn’t mind torture, and this whole hullaballoo is really just a distraction from Obamacare anyway. Rios also admitted that she didn’t actually read the report – and given her fondness for slamming people like Eric Garner, she is no stranger to not reading things.

We must save our valiant men from rape-shrieking drama queens

As the account of the gang-rape at the center of Rolling Stone’s November 19 expose on UVA rape culture is called into serious question, some savvy analysts are confident the issue points to more than just unethical journalism and a college student suffering mental illness. Don’t let the fact that they’ve controlled institutional power for all of history fool you: the real victims in our society are men. Phyllis Schlafly, who famously helped knock down the Equal Rights Amendment, said the botched Rolling Stone tale proves how dangerous college is for dudes these days. “The feminists are perfectly glad to make false accusations and then claim all men are …read more


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