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Underground Punk Rock and Spontaneous Order—The Boredom, Dispatch 4

December 10, 2014 in Blogs

By Political Zach Foster

I woke up as the sun’s rays began to brighten the inside of a beat up Ford F250. I was folded up in the back seat while Midshipman occupied the front. He looked like a bear coming out of hibernation. We both climbed out of the truck and quickly ran out of the shade and into the warmth of the sun.
We got to the edge of the lower meadow when we realized the sunrise over the mountain valley was breathtaking. Midshipman and I split my last two cigarettes and stood smoking in silence as we took in the sun. It was a deeply reassuring feeling becoming one with nature.
This was Sunday morning—Day 10 of The Boredom.
After an indeterminate amount of time we piled into the truck and took a rocky dirt road over to the upper meadow, a mile or two away. There was a turnout on the road, trimmed by a ranch-style minimal wood fence that fed into a path. At the end of the path which took me a short way into the meadow stood a lone cabin.

The cabin was built there in 1859. William F. Holcomb and Ben Choteau, prospectors from Bear Valley, found gold in 1860 while tracking a bear in the next valley north. The discovery triggered a gold rush in San Bernardino County and by 1861 “Belleville” (the town named after the first child born in the valley). However, the boom quickly busted and Belleville was virtually a ghost town by 1864, and literally a ghost town by 1870. I suspect the folks there got caught up in the drama of the Civil War, which even affected California.
Breakfast consisted of leftover pizza from the night before—Midshipman heated up over the engine. …read more


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