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Watch All the 2015 Super Bowl Ads Right Now Without Having to Bother with the Game

January 31, 2015 in Blogs

By Scott Kaufman, Raw Story

4.5 million for 30 seconds.

For many viewers, the best part about watching the Super Bowl is the commercials. Luckily for them, they don’t have to wait for the game to start doing so, as many companies are now releasing their ads online in the days leading up to it, for example:

Budweiser’s “Lost Dog” or “Best Buds” commercial:

Bud Light’s commerical featuring “Real Life PacMan”:




Kia’s ad with former “James Bond” actor Pierce Brosnan:

Mercedes-Benz’s “Fable” spot:

Squarespace’s surreal commercial with Jeff Bridges:

McDonald’s “payin’ with love” commercial:

BMW’s “Newfangled Idea” commercial with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric:

Pizza Hut’s “stuffed crust challenge” commercial featuring newly hired Bills coach Rex Ryan and Cowboys quarter Tony Romo:





Victoria Secret’s “Look who’s coming to the game” commercial:

A Snickers commercial for a “very special episode” of The Brady Bunch starring Danny Trejo:

TMobile’s commercial with Kim “Famous Person” Kardashian West:

TMobile’s “data vulture” commercial with former Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle:

Dove’s “#RealStrength” ad: enlisted Entourage alum Rex Lee and the NFL’s own Bret Farve, Emmitt Smith, and Terrell Owns for its spots:

Old Spice brought back Brooklyn 99‘s Terry Crews for its commercial:

The “Priceline Negotiator,” William Shatner,” returned for this ad:

Parks & Recreation star Aubrey Plaza will star in a series of meta-ads for Newcastle beer’s “Band of Brands”:

Another Parks & Recreation alum, Nick Offerman, is starring in NBC Sports’ ad for NASCAR:

Many movie trailers will also be debuting or airing for wide-release during the game, including one for Furious 7 starring the late Paul Walker:

The return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator Genisys:

Divergent sequel Insurgent:

Hot Tub Time Machine 2:

The children’s film Minions:

And the film that is very much not for children, Fifty Shades of Grey:

According to AdAge, Carnival, Chrysler, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft, Mophie, Weight Watchers and Avocados From Mexico have also purchased ad time during the game, but have yet to release their commercials online.


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We’re Clean Eating Our Way to New Eating Disorders.

January 31, 2015 in Blogs

By Mary Elizabeth Williams,

Welcome to the era of orthorexia.

Because overdoing it is the American way, we’ve now managed to warp even healthy habits into a new form of eating disorders. Welcome to the era of orthorexia.

As Heather Hansman notes this week in Fast Company, orthorexia differs from other forms of disorders in that the obsessive focus is not on how much or how little one consumes, but the perceived virtue of the food itself. As she reports, “Nutritionists and psychologists say that they’re seeing it more often, especially in the face of restrictive food trends, like gluten-free, and growing information about where food comes from, and how it’s grown and processed.” Though the term has been in use since Dr. Steven Bratman coined it in 1997, the uptick in cases is leading to a new push to formally include it in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders – aka the DSM 5.


Along with “gluten-free,” “juice fast” and other phrases, you may have been hearing “orthorexia” a lot more lately. Last summer, popular health and food blogger Jordan Younger made headlines – and faced intense criticism – when she announced that she was “transitioning away from veganism” as she realized that she had “started fearing a LOT of things when it came to food,” and had been struggling with orthorexia. Her blog now is called “The Balanced Blonde,” where she talks honestly about her journey to wellness. In a recent post, she observed, “It. Breaks. My. Heart. It breaks my heart to see and hear beautiful, motivated, capable young women being sucked in to an extreme diet and way of life because it has been branded to them as ‘THE HEALTHIEST WAY TO LIVE’ above all else.”


It’s true, this kind of disordered mentality does seem to disproportionately target “beautiful, motivated, capable young women.” Because I like to cook and eat, and because I’ve had life threatening cancer, in recent years I’ve grown more conscious and curious about how I feed myself and my family. To that end, I read a fair number of cookbooks and …read more


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5 Crazy Right-Wing Moments This Week: O'Reilly Drops Truth Bomb on Palin and Trump

January 31, 2015 in Blogs

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Wingnut conservatives are turning on one another and eating their young!

1. In her first offical act as “serious” 2016 presidential contender Sarah Palin declares war (on Bill O'Reilly).

It's extremely lonely being Sarah Palin, lonely at the outer lunatic fringe of the right-wing universe. There are the voices stringing together those non sequiturs in her head, of course, but where are her Fox News friends? They're faux friends, that's what they are.

After the universally ridiculed stream of nonsense that issued from Sarah Palin at last weekend's conservative confab in Iowa, she came out swinging during an appearance on “Hannity.” Sean Hannity, it should be noted, is apparently conservative enough for Palin. That's a relief. But O'Reilly, who dared question her seriousness about a possible run for president in 2016? He's trouble.

“There needs to be unity, understanding,” Palin told Hannity. “Conservatives have that strike against us right off the bat, that being the media. Even there on Fox, you know, kind of a quasi- or assumed conservative outlet … and soon we have all day listening to the tease of Bill O’Reilly’s.” 

Hmmm, did Roger Ailes get the memo about the “quasi-conservative” operation he's running? Someone should really tell him. Palin then spewed some more sentence fragments that made sense to her:

“[O'Reilly]’s talking about the guests on his show tonight, the commentary on his show, and that would be, ‘All these GOP contenders thinking about running for president, like Donald Trump, Sarah Palin,’ and he named some others — and he said, ‘Oh, what a reality show that would be, yuck yuck. Well the left doesn’t do that, okay? They take this serious [sic] — because this is war. And hopefully the media — even the quasi-right side of the media — won’t be looking at this as some kind of reality show, a joke.”

Hope away, Sarah. They all see you as a joke. All of them. Every last one of them.

2. Donald Trump declares war on Bill O'Reilly's “journalism.”

Donald Trump? Did someone say Donald Trump? Nothing gets Trump's attention like his own name.

When he heard …read more


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Study Finds Men Are Twice as Likely to Take Selfies as Women

January 31, 2015 in Blogs

By Jenny Kutner,

A new poll might teach us something about stereotypes

The most well-known selfie-taker in the world, Kim Kardashian, might be a woman, but it would seem that those who most ardently follow her in the craft are dudes. The results from a new poll by smartThe study, which was taken from a sample of 2,000 people in the UK aged 18 to 30, found that most young men hoped the images would help them get the attention of members of the opposite sex, but a significant number also used selfies as a form of revenge. Via The Telegraph:

A quarter of men polled share selfies to make current or previous partners jealous, and one in ten did it to make themselves more desirable to potential partners. In comparison, half that amount of women take selfies to make ex or partners jealous (just 13 per cent), and only one in 15 (seven per cent) take pictures to make themselves more desirable to potential partners. The main reason women take selfies is to share what they’re doing with friends (35 per cent) and to record memories (26 per cent). But men and women are equally as likely to share selfies to show off (19 per cent). As well as taking more selfies, men are far more likely to show off their bodies than women – three quarters (76 per cent) of male selfies are shots of their body, compared to less than half of womens’ (45 per cent).phone maker HTC indicate that young men tend to be nearly twice as likely to partake of the selfie craze as their female counterparts, and that the two groups take their selfies for completely different reasons. For a majority of the men polled, selfies are seen as a good way to attract a mate.  

Another fun finding: a third of British men polled posted five or more selfies per week. That is actually approaching Kim K status, right? But, it seems, it comes with some different motivations (especially since the selfie queen already has a partner; she also doesn’t seem …read more


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Everything You Wanted to Know About the Rise of Anilingus (But Were Afraid to Ask)

January 30, 2015 in Blogs

By Kali Holloway, AlterNet

We’re entering an age of more sexual openness with regards to butts.

With anilingus currently in so many editorial spreads and on the tip of so many tongues, it bears noting that Mozart wrote a song about eating ass. Titled “Leck mich im Arsch,” which literally translates to “Lick me in the ass,” it’s the sort of song that might be referred to as a “bawdy ode” or a “ribald verse,” and consists almost solely of the repeated request that we all get real familiar with the business end of Mozart’s anus. The music is by lesser-known Czech composer Wenzel Trnka von Krzowitz, but the lyrics are pure Mozart: “Lick my ass nicely / lick it nice and clean,” the canon jauntily proposes. “Come on, just try it / And lick, lick, lick!” Nearly 300 years before Desi buried three-quarters of his face in Marnie’s ass on this season’s premiere of ”Girls,” Mozart was already foreshadowing our cultural embrace of anilingus, aka rimming, ass munching, salad tossing, and to bring things fully up-to-date, “eating cake.”

What took us so long? After hardly being spoken of publicly for the last few centuries—or the decade and a half since Charlotte confessed to performing it on “Sex and the City”—anilingus has finally became a featured player in pop culture. The most quoted lyric from Nicki Minaj’s hit “Anaconda” is about a dude who “tossed [her] salad like his name Romaine.” In an episode of “Broad City,” Ilana nonchalantly mentions that “anal is on the menu.” Trey Songz echoes the sentiment on the track “Cake,” a song all about eating “cake.” The precious moment between two unidentified Detroit Lion fans who decided a public parking lot was the perfect venue for ass eating was captured in a photo that went viral. And porn star Asa Akira declared in an interview that, “Culturally, ass is the new pussy.”

That says an awful lot, culturally, about what kind of ass play is and isn’t viewed as fully okay. Set aside, briefly, the pervasive hangups about butts that are seemingly separate from, …read more


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“They Can Do Whatever the F*** They Want”: Inside the FBI’s Disturbing Quest For Domestic Terrorists

January 30, 2015 in Blogs

By Lindsay Abrams, Salon

The case of Eric McDavid has broader implications of how the feds go after suspected terrorists.

In 2007, then 26-year-old Eric McDavid was sentenced to over 19 years in prison on charges of conspiring to commit environmental terrorism. Nine years into his sentence, on Jan. 8, 2015, he walked free, it having emerged that federal authorities withheld information pertinent to his case.

Just as improbable-seeming as McDavid’s release, 10 years ahead of schedule, are the circumstances that he and his lawyers say led to his conviction in the first place: His romantic feelings for a pink-haired, 18-year-old activist, “Anna,” who spent months encouraging him and two others to join her in committing acts of eco-terrorism — and who also happened to be a paid FBI informant.

To understand how this all could have happened, you have to go back a decade, to when the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and other environmental and animal rights extremist groups were considered the nation’s No. 1 domestic terror threat. (These days, the honor is held by the sovereign citizen movement.) According to the FBI, McDavid was the ringleader of an ELF plot to blow up California’s Nimbus Dam and other targets. According to McDavid, all the incriminating things he was caught saying on tape amounted to mere talk — and it was all instigated by Anna.

Anna told the jury in the McDavid case that she was recruited by the FBI in 2003 after infiltrating a group of anti-free trade activists for a college paper. She met Zach Jenson, one of McDavid’s co-defendants, at a G-8 summit, and, through him, connected with McDavid and Lauren Weiner, his other co-defendant. (Both Jenson and Weiner pleaded guilty and testified against McDavid in exchange for lesser sentences.) Anna spent extensive time and money bringing the trio together, at one point assembling them at a cabin, wired for surveillance, that had been paid for by the FBI. Once there, it was she who gave the group a book of (fake) recipes for firebombs, also provided by the FBI. The group did experiment with building a bomb, but …read more


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Social Security Isn't Going Away — But It Is Going to Get Worse

January 30, 2015 in Economics

By Michael D. Tanner

Michael D. Tanner

Seventy-five years ago, Ida Mae Fuller of Ludlow, Vermont received the first American Social Security check. Ida, who lived to be 100, ultimately collected $22,888 in benefits. Because she had paid only $24.75 in Social Security taxes, the national retirement program turned out to be a very good deal for her.

Unfortunately, it’s not such a good deal for today’s young workers. Thirty year olds now will be lucky to receive a 1.5 percent return on what they pay into the system, far below what they could earn from investing that money privately. In fact, many will die before they get back what they paid in, let alone collect any extra return.

To pay all the benefits promised in the future, Social Security would have to increase the payroll tax by as much as half, or slash benefits by 23 percent.”

That’s because Social Security operates very much like a pyramid scheme. When you pay your Social Security taxes, none of that money is saved for your retirement or invested. Instead, every cent you pay in is used to provide the benefits to those who are already collecting. When you finally retire, your benefits will come from the taxes paid by the next generation of workers — your children and grandchildren.

Like any pyramid scheme, Social Security was able to deliver a windfall to early recipients like Ida Mae, who received their benefits when there were lots of workers and only a few retirees. Today, however, Americans are living longer and not having as many babies, meaning there are more retirees and fewer workers to support them. In 1950, there were 16.5 workers supporting every retiree. Today, there are 2.8. And by the time today’s young workers retire, there will be just over two.

Does that mean Social Security won’t be there when they’re ready to collect? No. As long as there are people paying into the program, retirees will be able to take benefits out. Unlike a pyramid scheme, Social Security cannot go broke as long as the government can make future generations pay taxes.

But if fewer young workers are there to support each retiree, one of two things will have to happen: Either those young workers will have to pay more (tax increases) or retirees will have to get less (benefit cuts).

To pay all the benefits promised in the future, Social Security would have to increase the payroll tax …read more

Source: OP-EDS

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The Truth About Union Organizing: It's Much Better Than You Think

January 30, 2015 in Blogs

By Paul Booth, The American Prospect

The labor movement has been growing while shrinking. Growing through organizing.

The union movement is 3.5 million members smaller than 40 years ago, and the forces that brought that about are as energetically engaged and powerful as they have ever been.

From that undeniable fact, it has been wrongly concluded:

  • Union organizing is impossible, futile, or a thing of the past
  • The labor movement is dead, or dying
  • The best hope for workers is through something different from trade unions and collective bargaining.

These conclusions are very disconcerting to this organizer. I am upset that there’s so little acknowledgement of the millions of workers who have risked much to try to unionize.  Thousands are doing it today. 

And so little acknowledgement of those who have done it and succeeded. They number a million and a half.

How do I know that?  I know it from my own experience; it’s the work with which I have been immersed for those 40 years. And I know it by virtue of simple arithmetic. The 3.5 million members by which labor has shrunk is net. I simply added the net shrinkage of union membership, industry by industry, as shown in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ admittedly imprecise annual surveys of union membership. Those lines add up to 5 million; 5 million minus 3.5 yields a million and a half workers who organized unions at the same time others were driven out of them.

The labor movement has been growing while shrinking. Growing through organizing.

In those years, workers were driven out of unions, not by choice, but by:

  • offshoring of what were union jobs;
  • deunionization of major industries;
  • the rise of relentlessly anti-union companies to industry dominance;
  • the thwarting of the promise of the labor law by the general adoption of the union-busting playbook by employers;
  • and the spread of casualization, irregular part-time and temporary work, and all the forms by which the employer-employee legal nexus has been undermined. 

But, in the face of all that, workers continued to organize, and unions continued to support them.  Workers took risks, and unions did too.

For the first 20 of those 40 years, public workers …read more


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Loretta Lynch Schooled the Wing Nuts: How the Right Failed to Wound Obama's AG Nominee

January 30, 2015 in Blogs

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

But, really nice try guys!

By all accounts Loretta Lynch, president Obama’s choice to replace Eric Holder as attorney general, was very impressive in the first day of hearings. In fact, she was so impressive that even the right-wing bloggers at Powerline called her the Ernie Banks of nominees, which, judging from their eulogy for the real Ernie Banks, is very good indeed. But then they also said the committee was throwing softballs, so the metaphors got a little confusing.  It was a very good day for Loretta Lynch, much to their chagrin. She was appropriately confident, dignified and boring and thus made for a dull affair that was unlikely to derail her nomination.

The second day of hearings, in which both Republicans and Democrats on the committee invited both people to testify, was a little bit more lively. We knew it would be when the committee announced their guests. The Democrats offered a group of former colleagues and law professors. The Republicans offered a couple of conservative law professors to denounce President Obama’s usurpation of democracy — and some far-right-wing activists to complain about being victimized.

The first person to testify was someone who had never met or had any knowledge of Loretta Lynch. This was former reporter and current right-wing icon Sharyl Attkisson who told a harrowing story of harassment, including her questionable allegation that the government bugged her computer, obviously shocking the likes of Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch to the depth of their souls. It’s one thing for the government to relentlessly pursue reporters like James Risen who report serious and important stories. They wholeheartedly support the Justice Department in such cases. Attkisson, however, resigned from CBS News because she felt the entire network was biased in favor of the Obama administration and refused to allow her to pursue the scandals she just knew were there. (These were scandals like Benghazi and Fast and Furious — scandals that have been investigated approximately 756 times under every committee in the Congress and have turned up zilch.) Somehow they’ve managed to morph …read more


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CNN Op-Ed: How feds can legally steal your money

January 30, 2015 in Politics & Elections

There are many reasons why the Internal Revenue Service is perhaps the least-loved agency in America — a tax code so complex that it seems like you need an advanced degree to understand it, the dreaded audit process and revelations that certain groups have been targeted based on their political beliefs.
And now, a growing awareness of instances where the IRS seized the money or property of law-abiding citizens without due process is adding to the agency’s menacing reputation. According to the Institute for Justice, a public interest law firm that investigates civil forfeiture practices, these seizures carried out by the IRS hadincreased from 114 in 2005 to 639 in 2012.

Sounds unbelievable, but believe it

Read the entire CNN op-ed HERE.

…read more